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The full-length documentary film, Eddie Gray, No Footprints In The Snow, is Eddie Gray's story in pictures. Eddie's life with Leeds United is an outstanding and captivating tale, and the film is the first production by Gray Films, formed by Robert Endeacott, Damian Dexter and Gareth Senior.


Eddie Gray has always been one of the most respected and talented figures in football and his popularity never wanes. He remains one of the sport's true gentlemen and we, as fans of high quality sports documentaries, are proud to be in this position, to add a fascinating film and historical 'portrait' to the world of film. 


Key to the project's success will be the support of Leeds United fans and football fans in general. and we will be running a crowd-funding campaign, with exclusive limited edition rewards available, to help finance the film.


Gray Films is committed to commemorating and celebrating the past by bringing high-quality information and entertainment to the discerning public, Eddie Gray, No Footprints In The Snow, will be a fantastic debut, made with passion, dedication and your help. Movie-making On Together!

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